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The proposed college, VPMM MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL & RESEARCH INSTITUTION & HOSPITAL is managed by VPMM Educational Trust. The prime objective of the trust is not for profit making and to work collectively for the cause of social upliftment. The members and directors of Company consist of philanthropic minded and education background. Due to this reason the existing colleges has successfully completed its 24 years of existence. The prime objective of the Company is to provide quality and economical medical facilities to the common people and in order to enhance the same objective the company is now planning to impart quality and useful education through excellence and continuous improvement by establishing the medical college.

The proposed institute VPMM HOSPITAL & COLLEGE aims to establish itself as an Icon for medical education, and research. The institute will establish symbiotic relationship with' environment. Institute will develop links with educational and developmental organizations at national and international level, and create platform for interactions of people of high caliber and skills to share knowledge.

The Institute plans to run MBBS course having the capacity of minimum 100 students per year.


Education is a key element of infrastructure for the growth of a society. The educational infrastructure has several layers such as primary education, secondary education, technical education and higher education. The economic strength of a society depends on the standard of educational infrastructure, in general, and the quality of Medical education, in particular. Any society must ensure a free, creative and high-caliber university environment so as to produce successful Doctor of that society. In India, the growth in the field of Medical, Management, technical and professional education over the past 50 years is phenomenal. This growth has fuelled the developments in the fields of engineering and information technology. However, this development needs to be reviewed in view of global competition as well as an increase in demand for trained quality Doctors in society for best services in the field of Medical services. The economy of a country has three segments - Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services.

For a small country like Singapore, the economy can survive and even prosper with only one or two segments. However, for a large country like India, the economy has to progress on all three segments. In order to achieve an overall rate of growth a sound 8 to 10 percent, it is imperative that all three segments have to progress simultaneously. Tamilnadu state has come out with flying colors. The state of Tamilnadu is industrially well developed, has sufficient power generation capability and is blessed with abundant natural resources.

In terms of education system also it makes mark in the National level. However in terms of medical education it lags behind the other states of the country. The state needs quality doctors and quality medical service. In the Virudhunagar district there is no medical college which is not able to fulfilled current demand of doctors. If there is less numbers of doctors definitively service quality-wise also decrease. Our aim is to provide each class of society satisfied Medical service.


  • I) There are 41 Medical Colleges running in various districts of our State. There is significant imbalance through the state.
  • II) The Region wise distribution of the Medical Colleges is as under;-
  • Southern Region -5
  • Northern Region -12
  • Western Region - 7
  • Central Region - 9
  • Eastern Region -8

Ours is a closely held Trust registered u/s. 25 of the Trust Act 1926, thus this will be the first private medical College in the district of Tamilnadu. Establishment of the Medical College will reduce the imbalance of medical colleges and will also increase the number of available doctors in the state, who will be absorbed in Government Jobs In the state and can be engaged by the private medical institutions or in self practice, thus will enhance the quality services to the population. Faculties of doctors in the state leads to difficulty in providing medical services to the public in general. Establishment of the- medical college will not only redress this problem but also help to enhance Medical services in the state. We want to achieve Doctor patient ratio 1 : 10,000 means produce more number of doctors in the state.